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Ajmal Aristocrat Perfume for Women 75ml

₹4000 ₹ 4000

Aristocrat Femme : This rich perfume is for womens who are ready to show her charisma and classy side. The fragrance of this perfume is incredibly magical and gives the charismatic aroma. This perfume is perfect for women who are sophisticated. This are the Notes of the Perfume:- Top Note - Floral Fruity Fresh, Middle Note - Spicy Floral Sweet, Base Note - Woody Mossy Ambery Usage - While using it give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it. You should hold the bottle approximately 5 to 10cm away from your body or clothes as you spray it.

  • - Manufracturer : Ajmal Perfume
  • - Brand : AJMAL

  • Ideal for : women
  • OccasionDAILY USE
  • Type Perfume

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